Quality / Environement


Quality / Environement

As logistics provider, Laible recognises the protection of the environment as an important part of its business strategy.
We are committed to operating an efficient and sustainable logistics network.

  • All vehicles are equipped with Euro 6 engineservices
  • We promote carbon-neutral ISO 14001 environmental management systems
  • Office building in accordance with Minergie Standard
  • Reduction of ‘empty’ mileage through route optimisation
  • Systematic measuring and monitoring of our environmental
  • performance



ISO 9001

  • Cost minimisation
  • Management system
  • Continous improvement

ISO 14001

  • Systtematic environmental protection
  • Awarness of environmental relevance
  • increasing competiveness

AEO (Authorised Economic Operator)

  • Security and Safety
  • Monitoring of the supply chain
  • Building and area securtiy



  • Access Control office and stock
  • Stock monitor video
  • Visitors and Drivers needs a batch to access
  • Driver have your break on guard carpark.
  • Trailer are equipped with the newest Securitystandards
  • Each Trailer has the Security Certification: DIN EN 12642 Code XL