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Basic Principle

The Customer with his requirements stay for us in the focus.
We have long-term and trusting cooperation with our customers.
We are flexible on the basis our average size and can implement new customer requirements quickly and reliably.
With our skilled staff, we guarantee our customer a profesional service.


1915:The company is founded by Willi Laible. Our first transports are carried out by horse drawn carriages.

1950s and 60s: Most transports are carried out by rail. Groupage and express rail shipments are part of our daily business.

1970s: Transport by truck is becoming more and more important. The company purchases its own fleet consisting of 4 trucks.

1980s: The company opens an additional border office in Thayngen/Bietingen. Two further offices are opened after that in the Schaffhausen bonded warehouse.

1990s: We gain a foothold in the aluminium sector. By the end of the ‘90s, coil transporters are added to our fleet. They are used primarily for the transport of aluminium.

2000: Thanks to the increasingly widespread use of aluminium in the auto-motive industry, we are able to add more than 20 coil transporters to our fleet.

2005: The company moves to its current location in Herblingertal. Our roofed unloading ramp, proximity to the border and connection to the motorway enable us to work efficiently.

today, we are an innovative company operating throughout Europe and covering all activities of a modern transport and logistics service provider. We specialise in the European market of suppliers to the automotive industry.

2014: We open a new LAIBLE branch in Martigny and expand our Fleet.

2015: We are celebrating our our 100 year anniversary!